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This is where you are going to get information on much of my Linux interests. I have been a Linux user since 1995, and am quite taken by the operating system. I owe much to Linux, especially in giving me one more teaching credential in the Ontario school system.

In the beginning, I used to delve into the innards of the operating system and get things going such as networking and print services. At that time, I created several web pages about dialing in using minicom and ppp. I also tried to give some background on TTY screens, along with some BASH scripting along the way. They were very popular in the Toronto area, and they still get plenty of hits.

The pages are by no means intended to be a comprehensive set of lessons for using Linux. I would not have the time to do all that by myself. But they are to be seen more as solutions to problems that I had to spend the greatest amount of time struggling with. While most of these pages deal with out-of-date protocols (such as PPP), I still know many people that still use a modem to dial in.

ELVIS reference pages (as of version 2.2.0)
ELVIS Official Site
Notes on LaTeX (may be helpful to others)
Notes on periodic informational postings (FAQs) (updated for 2006), hyperlinked
A look at the early Internet -- a paper I wrote which contains a networking problem solved using Matlab 7 for a Data Management class. Free for you to copy and distribute as long as my name appears on the document as the author.

My most current installed Linux distribution is Ubuntu 10.04.1. I think most people find it as a highly-configurable, easy-to-use system.

Written by Paul King using vi under BSD 4.9
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